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So, Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals was Friday night and, oh, did we celebrate in style!

We decided we just couldn't sit home and watch such a momentous game (although the ruckus by English Bay every time we score is quite entertaining, with everyone running out on their balconies and screaming to each other, with horns reverberating through the city and even fireworks on the beach!) so we headed down to Malone's on West Pender to get straight into the heart of it.

We had initially intended to try to squeeze our way in front of the jumbo screens on Georgia but turned on the news just as we were about to leave and saw the huge queues (sorry, line ups!) so thought better of it. And where else does an Irish person belong but in a pub! It was great in there, the vibe was excellent and as usual the good natured Canadian folk let myself and my fellow ex-pats nudge in on a corner table without trouble, even minding our pitchers for us and offering lil ol' sista here one of their barstools!

I loved the camraderie during the national anthem (that singer dude has got the life, he just sings the first few bars and lets the crowd do the rest...I want his job!) and I'm ashamed to admit but I think I actually know the Canadian National Anthem better than the Irish 'Amhrán na bhFiann' ('A Soldier's Song') which is in Gaelic and, unfortunately, that's not my forte [also not to be confused with rugby's Irish anthem, Ireland's Call, which also gets the patriotic blood boiling!]
The game itself was not that earth shattering until, of course, we scored in the third period. And when I say we I mean the royal we, as in Lapierre who, if I'm brutally honest, I hadn't even heard of until this point! I was more focused on the dishy Burrows, Kesler and not so much the Sedin twins, although I do know a lot of women have a hankering for those two, which gives hope to every ginger out there!! ;)

This win was much needed after an atrocious run in Games 3 & 4 where the Boston Bruins kicked some serious Canuck ass to put it mildly, winning an embarrassing 8-1 in Game 3 and 4-0 in Game 4. It was all down to Bruins' forward Nathan Horton and the unstoppable goalie Tim Thomas who I'd also never heard of before but whose name will be forever etched into my memory as the one who almost took our dreams away! We did manage to get one measly goal past him on Friday but I do worry about our chances tonight. The suspense is killing me!

As for Game 5, the tide turned in our favour and the entire pub erupted when we scored, as did downtown.

We went crazy and hugged everyone in sight, then entered the madness on Granville Street where huge lines of thousands and thousands of fans high-fived each other (my hand was red by the end!) but I must say it was awe-inspiring to witness first-hand.

Of course, typical Irish that we are we partied hardy well into the night and could still hear sirens and horns wailing the next morning as people relished that special feeling of winning [not Charlie Sheen winning, actual winning!], and didn't really want to look ahead to Monday when it could all turn around for the worse once again!

For me, supporting the Canucks is like supporting a "bad boy" boyfriend.

One minute, he does what I want and treats me well, giving me everything I could wish for and looking after my every need. Then, he goes on a total bender and only brings me disappointment, heartache and regret. Of course, as all bad boys have a habit of doing (resist ladies, resist!) he wiggles his way back into my good books by performing admirably once again, only to leave me in the lurch - wanting, wishing, wondering what's going to happen between you and I.

At the moment, my Canucks boyfriend is riding high, savouring the glory of being a winner and having me hang on his every word; eager to please and hoping he doesn't fall off the good guy wagon. But, come tonight, if he fails he'll be back in the proverbial doghouse, tail between his legs and licking his wounds, hoping for better things in the future. Well, all I can say is that the future's Wednesday night bucko and that's your biggest test so, play your cards right and you could be #1, both on and off the ice!!!!

Stay tuned Vancouver, only time will tell.....

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