A Royal pain in the...

So, there seems to be quite a famous wedding this Friday...you may have heard of it? Oh. Em. Gee. I know it's branded as 'the wedding of the century' but, seriously guys, must there be such furore over a simple wedding ceremony??

For the last two months continuously I've had to listen to wedding news, from invitations to the cake to the dress (no-one has any idea so why speculate 'one' must ask?!), to even guesses as to when the first glimpse of the baby bump will be spotted. Doesn't the poor girl have enough on her plate without having to worry about conceiving an heir to the throne of England for God's sake??!!

It really has surprised me what a fuss this wedding has created in the Canadian press.

Now, I know this beautiful country is part of the Commonwealth and your histories are entwined, as are Ireland's and England's (although our attention differs somewhat as dissident Republicans are threatening to kill poor Queen Elizabeth when she makes her first state visit in the summer!), so it's only to be expected...but to this extent?! I thought Canadians were known for their restraint and modesty but the hyperbole to come from this wedding seems frankly American (sorry to tar you all with the same brush!) if I do say so myself.

Thankfully, the national newspapers aren't too bad and only feature a speculative piece every other day, but Canadian television - and in particular certain news broadcasts - have gone simply mad if you ask me! I used to enjoy watching the local news every morning but now I find I'm switching off as I just can't take another moment of stories based on guessing games that have absolutely no foundations of truth whatsoever!

And, just to make it reallllly authentic, they've wheeled out these unknown English reporters or "Royal experts" don't you know who have no other connection to the Royal family other than sharing that ridiculously clipped English accent that's so en vogue these days.

I swear they're hiring commentators who have no previous experience other than they sound like Hugh Grant from Brit flick 'Notting Hill' or English lady Jane Seymour (who, ironically, was rolled out this morning on Canada AM to talk about her connection to the Royals....really, Medicine Woman?!) I especially love that she gave the dazzling insight that Kate will probably wear a v-neck dress that will look "regal." Hm, you don't say!

I know I sound bitter and twisted here and, yes, I'm Irish so I may not have the same affiliation to the UK as my Canadian counterparts but it's not that, it's the pure saturation of the occasion. Why does modernday media - traditional and social - have to go so overboard with anything of slight interest to the public?

It's the same with radio - you hear a song and love it, then 3 months later would literally lock yourself away in a cupboard to avoid it because of overkill radio play. It's such a pity as I'm geniunely happy for Will and Kate as they seem quite content, but I honestly couldn't care less about their big day by this stage as I know more about their wedding preparations than I probably ever will about my own!!

I'm not sure how my fellow Canucks feel about it. On TV of course they assure us that they've never had such positive reaction for their Royal pieces and their web links (such as the ground-breaking one above) are hitting millions of viewers, but then I read in a poll featured in 24 Hours Vancouver today asking if Canadians are going to tune into the Royal Wedding at an unGodly hour and the resounding answer is NO!!

Unfortunately, I think more people would've taken the time out of their day to at least see what was going on and to get into the spirit of things just a bit, but the oversaturation in the media has simply left us all fatigued.

And the problem is that we all know that this is only the beginning...literally 40 seconds after the procession is over one just knows that there'll be post-ceremony analysis, followed immediately afterwards by baby rumours, 'in the shadow of Diana' rumours, Grandmother-in-Law rift rumours (who only happens to be the Queen...good luck with that Kate!), presumably infidelity rumours if Charles and the rest of the monarchy worldwide are anything to go by...and any other invented rumours the press can get their hands on!!!!!!!

All in all, I wish them both the best but have a sneaky suspicion one will be hearing a lot more about them in the months to come...whether one likes it or not.

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