The first of many!

Hi, I'm Rachel, and today is the start of my new blog - dedicated to Canada!

For all those who don't know me (and for all those who do, you can skip this part!), I arrived here over three weeks ago and haven't looked back since.

I came to Vancouver when a popular daily live TV show I was working on finished up its final series, the Irish recession was looming large on the horizon with the average joe only starting to realize the full extent of its verocity, and myself and my other half decided we needed a new adventure. I shared an apartment in Dublin with a guy from Vancouver who actually convinced us to come here over Toronto (we're faithful "westies" already!) and we've been staying at his family home with his dad and brother who very kindly agreed to put us up for a fortnight...which has turned into nearly a month...which, we wish, would turn into life because it's so sweet here! I'm officially "one of the guys"!

I really have never met more pleasant people in my short travelled life. The only problem with that, of course, is that it highlights what a bitch I can be and how impatient I am, so I guess it has its pros and its cons!! [happy face followed by sad face followed by confused face]

On July 1st, we move [cue scared face!] Not really scared per se, more excited, but it will be daunting going out on our own in a big new city...especially when we've no jobs! I've been searching - idly - and nothing's really happening so far, but I'm sure it'll all work out...right...God?!

We're both looking for jobs in the media and it ain't happening yet 'cos, wouldn't ya know, it was one of the indusrtries worst hit by the paltry nine month recession here, but we know something'll turn up, it always does. Whether that's writing, editing, working in a shop, painting (not the Picasso kind, the whitewash kind!), doing tricks for money (personally, I have very bendy arms that I like to gross people out with, but how far this will get me, I don't know?! Maybe some super rich businessman will hire me to entertain his guests at his expensive dinner parties leaving all the men in the room wondering if my arms are that bendy, what else can I do...but that's for another post!!

Eek, sorry dad...down with that sort of thing! (Every single Irish person I know will get that reference!!)

I think it's quite fitting that we move July 1st as it's Canada - Oh Canda Day (it's actually true, I cannot say Canada without following it quickly with "Oh Canada," and if I don't do it out loud I defo still say it in my head!), so we're gonna move in early to get out early to enjoy all the best this fair country has to offer...that being free booze and food hopefully!!

However, at this very moment in time myself and said Simon are frantically trying to clean these new couches we bought, and by new I mean second-hand, and boy are we paro about bedbugs!! Apparently, there's a bit of an epidemic going about - for example, at the Salvation Army where we bought one of our couches (a cool 'L'-shaped thing, for only a hundred bucks while it's $900 in Sears...score!), only yesterday there was a report where a woman found a bedbug crawling out of one of the shirts on sale, showed it to the salesgirl who was morto as they pride themselves on not having any bedbugs there - so to say we're giving these couches a decent clean is an understatement!!

We rented an industrial upholsetry kit cleaner for the day and are taking it in turns to nuke the thing, inside and out. It's all very stressful as I'm a girl and therefore think I should do less physical work, whereas Simon for some reason doesn't see it that way, having to bake out in the heat while looking for bedbugs...yep, I can think of better ways to spend my day!!!

But, like, seriously, is this what feminism has really done for us - manual labour!! I don't think so. I also stupidly saw what I thought was a brown bug on one of the cushions...Google imaged 'bedbug' as you do....and up pops this brown mite worryingly similar to the one I just saw, or thought I saw, I'm a bit of an insect baby, so as you can imagine I wasn't very happy!!

But, in true Canuck style, we're staying positive and hoping for the best! The test will be resting our weary heads on it after a hard day's work (WHEN we get work that is!) and not flinching at every possible movement. Or getting those weird itches all over your body when you convince yourself you're being biten...why do we do that, our own mind and body literally play with us!

I'll make sure to keep y'all posted.

Hope you enjoyed the first installment...many more to come x

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